Chapter 12 complete!

At the end of August, I wrote a post about the topics that I expected to cover in Chapter 12. At the time I estimated that it would take me about two months to complete the chapter. As it turns out, my time estimate was very close and I am close to completing this chapter. However, as has happened several times before, my estimate of the content of the chapter was off.

I found more information about the first few sections in the chapter — the thesis, the commencement ceremony, and the events following that ceremony.  And so, I ended up splitting the content into two chapters. Since I had done the research and had started writing the sections that ended up being pushed to Chapter 13, I am well on my way to fleshing out that chapter!

One of my great joys over the course of writing this book has been access to Anandi’s written words. They are earnest, thoughtful and relevant even for the present time. Her thoughts about living in the moment are an example of this:

It is always well to look far in the future. Just far enough to guide out steps and prepare for any immediate obstruction which may be in our path & needs prudent action on our part. But I think it is foolish if not worse to mourn for the future which is probably to come when the present claims our care, attention & strength.


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